Le voyage de Pénélope

An Odyssey through Philosophy

Marie Robert

272 pages November 2020 copies in French, partial translations in English and Italian Original publisher: FlammarionCommercial Fiction

A philosophical journey – a modern-day Sophie’s World.

Penelope, you are not here by accident.

“You want to feel something, your heart burns, your mind is beset with thoughts, but you refuse to go any further, you refuse to dive in. You remain a spectator, deliberating. Is this your great journey? You know, each individual has a role to play, and can use their unique spirit to take charge of their own existence and leave a mark on the world around them. Together, by force of mind and body, we will build a palace from these ruins.”

This is an Odyssey. A journey to the heart of our doubts, our wanderings, our storms. Penelope is overwhelmed with existential questions. Who am I? Where am I going? What do my choices matter? Leaving her love, her work, and her home to return to Greece, she embarks on an internal voyage, but also a voyage through the history of philosophy.