Paris Revealed: The Secret Life of a City

Stephen Clarke

March 2011 Finished copies available History

Paris, one of the most visited cities in the world, but do you know…

Where to see fantastic art away from all the crowds? Why Parisian men feel compelled to pee in the street? How to choose a hotel room where you might actually get a good night’s sleep? Which is the most romantic spot to say “je t’aime”? And the sexiest? What scares Parisians most about their own city?  

In this witty and authoritative book, Stephen Clarke goes behind the scenes to reveal everything Parisians know about their city — but don’t want to tell you. Structured by theme, including chapters on architecture, history, romance, food, art and a map of “don’t miss” locations, this is essential reading for anyone who wants the inside scoop on the City of Light.

Don’t go to Paris without reading this book!