(Our) Paris by Dish

La traversée de Paris

Caroline de Maigret, Manu Payet, Gwilherm de Cerval, Zazie Tavitian

May 2023 Proofs in French Lifestyle

If there’s one thing you should know about us before we begin, it’s that we love to eat. All the time. Everywhere. Sometimes alone, and often together. We can talk about food for hours. Nothing gives us joy quite like the simple beauty of an oeuf mayo, or the unsung poetry of a reheated pizza…

Where should you go to find the best steak frites in Paris? Does the perfect croque-monsieur exist? What’s the ideal destination to wine and dine a first date without breaking la banque?

Need a place to take your parents-in-law to make them love you forever? Hankering after some authentic Vietnamese bo bun? And what kind of wine should you drink with that? Let music producer Caroline de Maigret, actor Manu Payet, sommelier Gwilherm de Cerval and food journalist Zazie Tavitian be your maître ds in this handy guide where what you’re going to eat takes precedence over where. They ask themselves, would they be prepared to walk 45 minutes across Paris in the rain for this meal?

Join these four foodies à table as they share their gastronomic go-tos in the world’s culinary capital.