Seule la terre est éternelle

François Busnel

November 2022 Illustrated, Narrative Non Fiction

A few months before he died, Jim Harrison spoke at length to the cameras of François Busnel and Adrien Soland. From this, a film was born. Only the Earth is Eternal is at once the portrait of a truly free writer, a celebration of the wilderness, and a road movie set in the heart of America’s greatest landscapes.

In this very personal account, François Busnel captures a man approaching the end of his days, a writer who never ceased to question our relationship with nature. Busnel takes us on an unconventional journey through the mythical West – from the forests of Montana to the Mexican border, passing through Native American reserves and some of the most beautiful sites the US has to offer.

A never-before-seen anthology of Jim Harrison’s writings accompanies this tribute, by turns spiritual and playful. Jim Harrison was a wonderfully iconoclastic writer; his irreverent freedom of tone denounced the destruction of the Earth, with a wisdom tinged with devastating humour.