My Old Man

Ted Kessler

June 2017 Non Fiction

If you were asked to write about your father, what would you say?

No two paternal relationships are the same. Every experience, every bond, is unique. And whether happy or sad, fond or fraught, the memories and stories we have about our dads stay with us for ever.

In this carefully curated collection, a dazzling list of contributors – including Florence Welch, Paul Weller, the sons and daughters of Ian Dury, Johnny Ball, Roy Castle, Leonard Cohen and many others – open up, some for the first time, about their paternal experiences. From the heart-rending to the tragic, from expressions of joyful love to a quick snapshot of a life, these beautifully written pieces are also deeply personal.

As universal as it is powerful, My Old Man offers a unique opportunity to reflect on our own relationships with our dads.