Moi: apprendre à vivre avec son meilleur ami et son pire ennemi

Learning to Live with Your Best Friend and Your Worst Enemy

Philippe Presles

January 2021 Manuscript in English Original publisher: Albin Michel | VersilioPersonal Development, Popular Psychology

Every day, we live with ourselves, our Me. It is our inner monologue, our view of the world, an inner record of our fears, our pain, our joys and our hopes.

Nonetheless, we know precious little about this inner world, which moulds our characters and holds influence over our entire lives.

Through this book, you will discover that your Me is one of humanity’s most precious gifts. You will come to see how our selves take shape and how they allow us to be conscious of our lives and to endow them with meaning.

To help each of us enrich our lives, Philippe Presles, a trained psychotherapist, guides readers through how to best discover the untapped potential of the Me in all of us, drawing on developmental psychology, neuroscience, and a wealth of examples, including stories from his own personal life.