Love At Nightfall

Amour, extérieur nuit

Mina Namous

220 pages Literary Fiction

Mina Namous’s debut beats to the rhythm of Algiers’ heartbeat – its offices, hair salons, family gatherings, late night restaurants, traffic jams – a changing landscape where modernity crisscrosses with tradition, a city where the Arab world and Europe exist side by side.

Their story begins at a work meeting in the center of Algiers – with his elegant suit, confident voice and air of self-assurance… Does it even matter what their meeting is about? Karim lives in Paris, is already married and Algeria is no place for office romances… and yet, Sarah becomes his Algiers woman. Their secret story plays out by night in furtively borrowed rooms and along the city’s empty streets.

At the heart of their affair, like a song piercing through the noise, is a woman in search of a freedom that love cannot provide.