Ladies and Gentlemen

Adam Ross

pages June 2011 Literary Fiction

“All-enveloping tales, well-paced, tense and driven by effortless prose… the kind that make you ignore repeated calls to dinner.” – The New York Times Book Review

In Ladies and Gentlemen, Adam Ross presents a stunning collection of short stories about brothers, loners, lovers, and young people navigating lives full of good intentions, misunderstandings, and obscured motives.

A hotshot young lawyer, burdened by years of guilt and resentment, comes to the aid of his irresponsible kid brother, only to realize he’s a pawn in a treacherous scheme. A lonely professor, frequently regaled with outrageous tales by the office handyman, suddenly fears he’s being asked to abet a murderous fugitive. A man down on his luck closes in on a mysterious job offer while doing a good turn for his fragile neighbor, but his efforts backfire in a terrifically surreal-and hilarious-manner. An enterprising adolescent uses his brief career as a child actor to fulfill the crush he has on a friend’s older sister. 

Laced throughout with glimmers of redemption and a refreshing combination of warmth, cynicism, these noirish narratives have a youthful energy that belies their hard-won wisdom, and together they showcase one of America’s truly essential new writers.

“A superb book.These stories are packed with exquisite characters, their lives swollen with the past and bursting in the present. Tales about neighbors and desire, about college hijinx and brotherly rivalry, about old flames and new ones — this collection is masterfully written, gripping, unforgettable.” – Tom Rachman, Author of The Imperfectionists

“Following his dazzling debut [Mr. Peanut], Ross drops seven more doses of disquieting fears and misleading hopes.A fine collection of stories.” – Kirkus, Starred Review