Keep It Together

Philosophy for everyday emergencies

Marie Robert

Original publisher: Flammarion|VersilioPersonal Development

Twelve great thinkers guide you calmly through life’s difficult times, and help you to keep it together, even when everything seems to be falling apart.

Whether you are dealing with an unexpected breakup, a nightmare social occasion, or the spurious urge to go on a radical juice detox, as philosophy professor Marie Robert shows, sometimes the best solutions to today’s problems are timeless. Discover Epicurus’s answer to how to disconnect from digital media, let Aristotle cure your hangover, get into shape with Nietzsche, and find answers to all of life’s most pressing dilemmas in this little book of philosophy for the real world.


“A delicious guide to the good life.” – ELLE

“A clever celebration of philosophy.” – Le Point

“A charming book. Daring, funny, and intelligent.” – Télé 7 Jours