Japan Calling

Va au Japon

Vahram Muratyan

100 pages September 2022 sample pages Illustrated

A fascinating exploration of modern Japan through the eye and art of Vahram Muratyan, author of the iconic Paris versus New York.

Inspired by Vahram Muratyan’s lifelong curiosity about Japanese culture and informed by his travels, Japan Calling is a vivid exploration of the country, from Tokyo to Kyoto, from Osaka to Okinawa.

Muratyan uses his notes and observations from many visits to Japan, and draws upon his childhood memories of the ’80s, playing Mario Kart and Tamagotchi and watching My Neighbor Totoro and Ghost in the Shell, to create a poetic homage to Japan and its unique culture. With striking graphics and succinct commentary, Japan Calling serves as a tongue-in-cheek guide for the novice as well as the expert.

Envisaged as an ambling walk through the country, the design of the book itself takes a Japanese form: uninterrupted in its story, a long scroll unfurling as it escapes to infinity.