It’s Never Too Late to Bloom

Catherine Taret

200 pages May 2017 copies in French, manuscript in English Original publisher: Flammarion | VersilioMemoir

“A few years ago, I went to see a psychic, as all reasonable people in Paris do when they’re hitting a wall. I was in my thirties and still clueless about my purpose in life. I had barely sat down when the psychic (an American) announced: ‘You don’t need to worry, you’re a ‘late bloomer’. Everything is going to happen later in your life.”


Late Bloomer quoi? What the psychic didn’t know was that there is no translation for ‘late bloomer’ in French. In the land of La vie en rose, where the Age of Enlightenment once sparked, you don’t wander off the main road, let alone choose your own pace in life. You play by the book.

From that day on, Catherine decided to knock down all her unquestioned beliefs to discover that there’s life and happiness and hope off the beaten career and love path.


“Deliciously joyful, a dazzling book with powerful simplicity.’

“Catherine Taret, a writer whose talent bubbles off the page. We want to mark every passage and talk it over with the author.’
-My Little Paris

“A book that will inspire hope.’
-Ici Paris

“A decidedly ‘feel good’ book.’

“A heart-warming book that’s powerfully simple.’

“Unique, funny, and moving in turns. A book that’s good for the soul.’
-Télé 7 jours