I Came


pages March 2002 Original publisher: Original Publisher: Editions Anne CarrièreLiterary Fiction

“This book is neither coarse, nor vulgar. it is well written, funny and completely devoid of any narcissism.” – Paris Match

“I called my best friend Charlotte to tell her the big news. She screamed for joy! Soon everyone in town will know.I am twenty years old and I feel more like a hundred, a thousand even. I don’t know anymore. I came, I’m floating. Is this happiness?”

Written by a young Parisian university student under a pseudonym, this erotic novel is an engaging, no holds barred account of the author’s sexual awakening. Shortly after losing her virginity, Sarah embarks on the quest for sexual pleasure. She gives free rein to her growing desire and encounters a wide range of experiences before ultimately finding sexual fulfilment thanks to a man 30 years her senior. Light-hearted and witty in tone, this is a revealing insight into modern sexuality.