How the French Won Waterloo

(Or Think They Did)

Stephen Clarke

pages June 2015 manuscript in English Original publisher: Century UKHistory

The author of the bestselling Merde series turns his sharp wit-and sharper pen-to Napoleon’s legendary defeat at Waterloo.

Two centuries after the Battle of Waterloo, the French are still in denial. If Napoleon lost on 18 June 1815 (and that’s a big ‘if”), then whoever rules the universe got it wrong. As soon as the cannons stopped firing, French historians began re-writing history. The Duke of Wellington was beaten, they say, and then the Prussians jumped into the boxing ring, breaking all the rules of battle. In essence, the French cannot bear the idea that Napoleon, their greatest-ever national hero, was in any way a loser. Especially not against the traditional enemy – les Anglais.

Stephen Clarke has studied the French version of Waterloo, as told by battle veterans, novelists, historians – right up to today’s politicians, and he has uncovered a story of pain, patriotism and sheer perversion…

In the vein of 1000 Years of Annoying the French, Stephen Clarke’s newest book will use historical sources to reexamine this famous battle in an accessible-and hilarious-manner.