House + Love = Home

Jenny and Dave Marrs

Proposal in English Lifestyle

From the hosts of the hit HGTV show Fixer to Fabulous comes a visual guide to creating warm and intentional spaces in your home.

In House + Love = Home, Jenny and Dave Marrs will tell stories from their family life in their century old farmhouse. They will also share advice and their value-centered approach to house design that can help anyone turn a house into a home. This isn’t a book of impossible-to-achieve, home-design perfection, but it is a book filled with human stories and of the many ways their work has helped to create beautiful homes that reflect their owners’ lives and values. As Jenny writes: “Beautiful spaces are most often imperfect and full of character. Just like people.”

With a great mix of down-to-earth, sometimes soulful, stories of home life and insightful ideas for how to bring intention into any home, this book will be useful whether you are planning a full-scale renovation or just want to make small improvements. You’ll be charmed by the voices of Jenny, Dave, their former clients, and the local artisans who are their neighbors and friends. With their warmth, faith and commitment to living lives rich in both local community, it’s clear why their growing circles of admirers are eager to hear more from them, and why their approach to home design, and to life, will resonate with a broad spectrum of readers.