Heroines of the Bible

Sarah / Zipporah / Lilah

Marek Halter

pages March 2003 Original publisher: Original Publisher: Editions Robert LaffontHistorical Fiction

In this sweeping trilogy, Marek Halter brings the Old Testament to life through the tales of three of its heroines, Sarah, Zipporah, and Lilah.

While women play a pivotal role in the Bible, their fates are generally summarized in just a few lines, overshadowed by their male counterparts. In Heroines of the Bible, Halter combines his talent as a novelist with his command of the Old Testament to reinvent these heroines: Sarah, the Sumerian aristocrat who struggled to bear a child; Zipporah, the African immigrant who implored Moses to create laws to protect the weak; Lilah, Ezra’s sister, who fought against the mounting religious extremism of the era. Although these stories are set in the magnificent ancient culture of the Middle East, over 4000 years ago, the underlying issues of each tale (women’s rights, social injustice, religious extremism) are as relevant today as ever. But above all, it is the courage and spirit of these women that make them so extraordinary. Each of them, in their own way, was a step ahead of her time.