Happiness Has No Wrinkles

Le bonheur n'a pas des rides

Anne-Gaëlle Huon

384 pages January 2017 copies in French Original publisher: Albin MichelWomen's Fiction

A debut novel that has sold over 170,000 copies.

85-year-old Paulette has the perfect plan: lean into her act as a batty old lady who’s completely lost her marbles, and convince her son to pay for the retirement home of her dreams in the south of France. Unfortunately things don’t exactly go to plan, and she finds herself stranded in a country inn in the middle of nowhere.

Now she only wants one thing: to get the heck out of there, and as quickly as possible. But she takes her own curiosity for granted, and doesn’t anticipate how fascinated she’ll be by the other residents – and in uncovering their secrets. What’s in the mysterious letters that Georges keeps in his room? Who is the author of the strange journal she finds in the library? One thing is certain: Paulette can’t begin to imagine how these encounters will change her life, and perhaps, finally give it meaning.


“Luminous.”  —COSMOPOLITAN