Glucose Revolution

On Reconnecting with Our Bodies

Jessie Inchauspe

Proposal Popular Science

Jessie Inchauspé does for glucose what Giulia Enders did for the gut…

Our bodies talk to us all the time, but often we don’t know how to listen. How we feel in the morning largely depends on what we ate the night before… And our glucose levels are key.

In this ground breaking book on glucose, Jessie Inchauspé explores how important it is to keep our glucose levels steady. Because in the short term glucose affects our energy levels, the way we sleep, our complexion, our cravings… but it also has long term impact on our health and can contribute to chronic illnesses like dementia and diabetes.

Weaving science through an engaging narrative, Inchauspé shows us the importance of glucose, how it functions in our bodies and how to avoid glucose spikes. This book helps us reconnect with our bodies and live healthier lives.

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