Danielle Thiéry

450 pages March 2018 copies in French Original publisher: Flammarion/VersilioCrime Fiction

In the outskirts of Paris, human remains have just been uncovered at the Vincennes Zoo, where the lions are kept. All of the bones belong to children, but there are no skulls to be found. The grisly discovery reminds criminologist Alix de Clavery of the so-called “Swan Girl”, whose disappearance from the zoo six years prior still remains a mystery and continues to haunt her. Just as Alix begins to explore if the same predator might be lurking behind both cases, she hears some alarming news from the zoo: another young girl has gone missing…

In Thiéry’s chilling new thriller, a stranger follows a young girl like an animal tracking down its prey. And in police commissioner Marion’s latest case, man is just as dangerous as beast.


“A gripping novel. Danielle Thiéry is a major thriller writer.” –France Inter