Dust Bunnies

Simon Van Booy

138 pages Middle-Grade

“The day of the big sale was coming, when almost every animal in the secondhand shop hoped a miracle might happen.”

In an old, magical secondhand shop in Brooklyn, among the dusty books, musical instruments, obsolete electronics, and racks of clothes from bygone eras, there is a toy section where stuffed animals—after being outgrown by their previous companions—wait for a second chance to be taken home by a new special friend.  Our four rabbit heroes, Tuesday, Lester, Little, and Rhubarb, have lived in a picnic basket under a bookcase for a very long time.  They are the closest of friends—even though they often disagree about almost everything.  For years, on the day of the big sale, the Dust Bunnies have dreamed about being adopted and taken to a new home for a second chance.

But this year is different.

This year the four rabbits find themselves on a dangerous quest through New York City in pursuit of villains who have taken all the other stuffed animals in the secondhand shop for the most horrible purpose.  It soon becomes apparent that the fate of the entire animal kingdom (not just cloth ones from the secondhand shop) falls on the furry shoulders of these feisty and resourceful Dust Bunnies.  Luckily they’re able to recruit the assistance of the all the different animals that make the city their home.

With humor that will delight children and captivate adults—from Karl’s Catwalk, to dancing crabs in Chinatown, to a trash-talking pizza rat—this inspiring and heartwarming tale is a tribute to true friendship and all it can accomplish.

Dust Bunnies is the first in a series that follows these four memorable rabbits in their adventures in New York City.  Perfect for middle-grade readers ages 6-10, who will, no doubt, see themselves in the characters of this hilarious and beautifully-told adventure story.