Death Swap

Danielle Thiéry

280 pages March 2014 Copies in French Original publisher: VersilioCrime Fiction

After winning the prestigious Quai des Orfèvres prize and selling over 200,000 copies, Danielle Thiéry returns with a fast-paced, chilling, and deadly tense thriller.

Though still troubled by the odd after-effects of a bullet to the head – hallucinations, sexual urges, premonitory visions – Commissioner Marion is back on duty at a desk job working cold cases. 

While her colleagues have their hands full with a manhunt for a five-year-old boy taken in broad daylight in a chic Parisian suburb, Marion is reviewing paperwork on a child-napping from 2007. 
But a name from the past catches her eye – a name that might just connect past and present disappearances to an unsolved gruesome murder. As Marion delves into the case, she can’t help but wonder if her  head is playing tricks on her, confusing dream and reality – or if she’s about to walk into the lion’s den alone and without backup… 
Drawing from her experience on the police force, Danielle Thiéry reaches new levels of fear-inducing excellence with Death Swap.