Sophie Divry

March 2021 French proofs Original publisher: Les Editions Noir sur Blanc

Curiosity is alone on Mars.

For years, NASA’s robot has been working in the cold, red, dust. But Curiosity is not like other rovers. He longs for friendship, and to speak to God, this strange creature who lives on Earth who, each morning doles out Curiosity’s tasks.

In the grips of his loneliness, Curiosity is convinced of one thing: a mission awaits him. But one morning, he learns that his death is pre-programmed. Doubt encases Curiosity. What good is living if we are deprived of our destiny? Desperate, Curiosity begins to write his story. The next three nights are full of revelations.

In this tender extra-terrestrial testimony, Sophie Divry examines solitude, humanity, and our desire for transcendence.