Case Closed

Danielle Thiéry

pages March 2013 French copies available Original publisher: Laffont/VersilioCrime Fiction

“Riveting and understated. Thiéry knows the ins and outs of crime from her illustrious career, and she captures that world brilliantly.” – Le PÈLERIN

Commissioner Marion is working late on a Sunday night. When the phone rings with no answer, she realizes that something is wrong. . . She grabs her gun and has a look around. Outside, she finds a package carefully placed on the mailbox, containing unmistakable tiny red patent leather children’s shoes. 

Marion can’t help but think of her first case, five years earlier, involving a little girl, Lily Rose, found dead at the bottom of a well. Closed too hastily, the inexplicable and mysterious death was dismissed as a mere accident. Now Marion sees the sudden appearance of these little shoes as a sign.  Defying her orders and the law, Marion sets out to uncover the truth. Little does she know that she’s putting her own life at risk. . .

“Danielle Thiéry makes a scene come alive. . . She tells stories that make you hold your breath, full of all kinds of interesting facts. . .”          – POLAR FEMININ