Blabla Queens

Anne Wehr

140 pages January 2017 manuscript in French, sample in English Humour

They’re wannabes, addicts, burnouts, best friends. They’re wildly outspoken. They’re the Blabla Queens.

Blabla Queens is an illustrated collection of texts between Pipa and Pipo, two spunky female characters, one doe-eyed and one  feline, doing what they do best: poking fun. These two friends hold nothing back and dabble in everything, but their good intentions never last – putting the myth of the perfect woman to rest! Favorite topics range from current events to the latest buzz: diets, boys, therapy, fitness, social media, burnouts. Anything goes in these witty snapshots of modern life. Overflowing with wild, eccentric ideas, the self-deprecating sense of humor is simply irresistible.

The Blabla Queens, Pipa and Pipo. are quick to make fun of everything and everyone…especially themselves.