Beyond Fear

A Path to Personal Development

Guy Corneau

pages June 2003 Finished copies in French; Translation in English Original publisher: Original Publisher: Editions Robert Laffont / SLAPersonal Development

An ultimately reassuring reflection on the difficult turns that life can take – for Corneau moments “when everything goes wrong” offer the possibility for personal growth

“Invariably, there comes a time in your life when everything goes wrong, when absolutely everything goes wrong.”

Guy Corneau’s fascinating exploration into the nature of our relationship with the ‘self’ tackles the cycles of self-destruction and auto-sabotage into which we all slip from time to time.

Perceiving ourselves as the victim of others, we become our own torturer and find it impossible to escape from the prison we create with our fears. But according to Corneau, it is often the times “when everything goes wrong” that offer us the best opportunity to break free from such detrimental behavior. He argues that difficult moments present us with the possibility of greater self-knowledge and it is only by working towards a real understanding of ourselves that we can relinquish the patterns of anxiety and suffering that impede personal growth. By developing compassion for ourselves we are able to leave behind the roles of victim/torturer, roles in which we so often seek refuge, and ultimately reunite with our inner momentum and creative energy.

Drawing on the ancient Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, as well as case studies from his many years as a psychoanalyst and his own personal experience, Corneau helps us to understand and learn from the complex situations that life presents. Combining psychology, psychoanalysis and spirituality, this engaging and readable book takes us on an enlightening journey towards ultimate self-reconciliation.