Des lendemains qui chantent

Alexia Stresi

February 2023 Material copies in French Original publisher: FlammarionHistorical Fiction

A vibrant tribute to resilience and passion. An homage to opera that will delight music-lovers, especially fans of Verdi.

Paris, 1935. On the opening night of Verdi’s Rigoletto at the Opéra Comique in Paris, something unheard-of happens: the spotlight usually reserved for the title role is stolen by an unknown tenor. Who is this prodigy?

An orphan, born in a stable, his name is Elio Leone. Having fled Mussolini’s fascist regime, he wins over the City of Light in no time. Elio has a voice of gold – the kind that emerges perhaps only three or four times every century. Unrivalled and inimitable.

But Elio’s demons and frailties are never very far away. And the onset of war shatters him. When he returns from the stalag, he’s a shadow of his former self and he embarks on a quest for inner peace, away from the limelight and the ghosts of his past.

Elio does everything he can to be forgotten. But however hard he tries, fate would have it otherwise: a voice as divine, as pure, as unique as Elio’s cannot be silenced for long…


“Real narrative flair, a strong sense of drama, and a sharp, original style…” Mohammed Aissaoui, LE FIGARO LITTÉRAIRE