Are You Hypersensitive?

Suis-je Hypersensible ?

The Powers of an Underrated Gift

Fabrice Midal

300 pages February 2021 Proofs in French Original publisher: Flammarion|Versilio

An immediate bestseller

Do you feel different from other people?

Do your emotions, thoughts and feelings get the better of you?

Do you blame yourself for not being calm, rational and zen?

If so, you have a gift. And you can learn how to make the most of it.

I am hypersensitive. To understand this part of my identity better, I set out to explore its different facets. I met with specialists from a wide range of disciplines — scientists, neurologists, physicists, anthropologists, psychologists, philosophers and historians. This book is the result of my journey to the heart of this misunderstood power. It will give you the tools to turn this supposed weakness into your strongest advantage.