And What if This Were Love?

Sophie van der Stap

pages March 2011 Dutch manuscript available Original publisher: Original Publisher: PrometheusCommercial Fiction

“The love for men, the love for Paris: Everything is love in this delectable novel.”  – Flair

And What if This Were Love? follows the unusual friendship between 28-year-old Tara and 63-year-old Madame de Grenelle and reveals what it takes to be young at any age.

Tara, a Parisian socialite, spends her nights living the good life, always with a charming but disposable boyfriend at her side. Madame de Grenelle, Tara’s neighbor and a recluse, spends her days watching the world of her small neighborhood, incorporating her observations at night into a life-long study of human nature. 
Both of them acknowledge the monotony of their lives and yearn for change. Tara, struggling to escape her superficial life, finds an unexpected companion in Madame de Grenelle. The friendship that grows between them changes them both forever.

And What if This Were Love?
is a colorful and dynamic novel about growing up while staying young at heart. Set in a small Parisian neighborhood, it presents a microcosm of human relationships and the fascinating—if sometimes unexpected—coincidences that bring us together.