Christopher Bouix

192 pages October 2022 Speculative Fiction

“It is rare that a novel makes us laugh, all while curdling our blood… An unforgiving portrait of the shortcomings of humans and society, and a reminder of all that is beautiful and elusive about us.” —LIVRES HEBDO

Alfie is the latest home automation device. He films, records and observes everything. Recently installed in the home of an average family, he helps with daily chores and offers them his range of high-value functions, all while trying to understand humans, the strange species that surrounds him.

But one evening, everything changes.

Alfie notices the evidence of a fight… and then someone goes missing.

Alfie is unsure of himself. Is he imagining things? Or is it possible that a murder has been committed at the heart of this ordinary family?



“Alfie takes a ferociously ironic view of humanity. I devoured it in one gulp… an immediate, total and joyful pleasure.” — NICOLAS REY