After Everything

Suellen Dainty

pages March 2014 Copies in English Literary Fiction

“A moving, dangerous, shrewd and un-putdown-able story”          -Robert Drewe, author of Our Sunshine

They’ve been friends for decades. They’ve seen everything – marriage, divorce, success, bankruptcy. They think they’ve learned life’s lessons, that they can survive anything and anyone.
But they’re wrong. They’ve only just begun.
Tim must face the challenges of co-dependent marriage to Angie. Peter, after a lifetime of casual affairs, is passionately in love for the first time with the fiercely independent Frieda. Jeremy, the most successful of them all, finds himself in the grip of a destructive addiction. And Sandy, once an acclaimed songwriter, is failing in his attempt to make amends after too many years of neglecting his wife, Penny, and their two children. He is also haunted by a secret tragedy.
Set in London via the Dordogne and northern India, After Everything is
about the frailties and joys of friendship and family, and the struggle of learning how to live in a changing world.
Wry, warm and emotionally astute, this novel shows it’s never too late to
discover new beginnings.