A Disordered Life

Navigating through adolescence

Marcel Rufo

pages October 2007 Original publisher: Original Publisher: Editions Anne CarrièrePersonal Development

The trials and tribulations of adolescence, and a doctor’s struggle to understand, guide and learn.

Adolescence, that brittle territory between the certainty of childhood and the maturity of adulthood has an inherent fragility and ambiguity. The onset of self-awareness and self-doubt can often trigger outbreaks and confusion that are extremely disruptive to the adolescent and his family.
Navigating teenagers and their families through these troubled waters has been the work of acclaimed child psychiatrist Marcel Rufo for over 30 years. With his disarming candor and unaffected style, Rufo shares his rich experience of the pitfalls of this delicate life phase in A Disordered Life.
In selecting individual stories, Rufo draws the reader into the immediacy of real situations, the complexities of diagnosis, and the obstacles of treatment. More than a collection of case studies, Rufo ventures beyond the symptoms and takes a candid look at the shortcomings and frustration of the practice of adolescent psychology.

Praise for Marcel Rufo: “Rufo’s books are like him: warm and full of intelligent advice. Because he’s not afraid to speak his mind, Rufo avoids clichés and is always innovative. You may not always agree with him, but his enthusiasm is infectious and provocative, especially on the questions where you think you know the answers.” –L’Express