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Bari Weiss

Bari Weiss is a writer and former editor of The New York Times Opinion Section where her brief was culture and politics. Before joining the Times, she was an op-ed editor at the Wall Street Journal and associate book review editor. For two years, she was a senior editor at Tablet, where she edited the site’s political and news coverage. She is a graduate of Columbia University. She has appeared at the Aspen Ideas Festival, interviewing Jordan Peterson as well as Christina Paxson (Brown University President). She also interviewed Yuval Noah Harari for Times Talks. She won the Reason Foundation’s Bastiat Prize, a $10,000 award for her “brilliant, incisive journalism [that] defends that cornerstone of individual liberty and civil society: freedom of speech.” Weiss has made numerous appearances on national television and was profiled in Vanity Fair’s May 2019 issue.

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