How Population is Transforming Humanity

Paul Morland

June 2021 proposal in English

On behalf of: Toby Mundy Associates

Population is the vast hidden force shaping our future. It is breaking existing institutions and building their replacements, disrupting and destroying an old-world order, and bringing into existence a new one, quite unlike any known in human history.

Tomorrow’s People spans five continents to explore ten revealing numbers that crystallise transformative trends in global human life: falling infant mortality; rising populations in sub-Saharan Africa; increasing urbanisation; the collapse of childbearing patterns in Europe and Asia; widespread general aging; population decline in large parts of Asia and Europe; the dramatic speed of ethnic change in much of the West; the elimination of illiteracy; and the near-miraculous increase in agricultural output.

Morland argues that where once, demographic changes were wrought by the daily conditions of existence, increasingly they are predominantly shaped by people’s values.