The Wild Other

A Memoir of Loss, Motherhood and Riding

Clover Stroud

February 2017 Hodder (UK) Original publisher: Primary agent: David Godwin AssociatesMemoir

My life with no horses would have been very different, because there would never have been an accident. It has changed the colour of every single day since then. And although I know my life without the accident would have followed a completely different course, the only one I want is this one, with the accident right in the middle, running through everything I do.’

Clover Stroud’s idyllic childhood in rural England was shattered when a horrific riding accident left her mother permanently brain damaged.

Just sixteen, she embarked on a journey to find the person and place that would help her create the sense of home that had been so savagely broken. The Wild Other is a grippingly honest account of love, loss, family and the healing strength of nature. Powerful and deeply emotional, this is the story of an extraordinary life lived at its fullest.