The Sinolarity

China's Quest for Digital Empire and Dominance of the Future

Jonathan Hillman

March 2021 Proposal in English Current Affairs

Winner of the FT/McKinsey Bracken Bower Prize

How China’s digital empire will allow it to accomplish

what past powers could only do militarily.

The Sinolarity tells the story of China’s rise from copycat to global competitor – and the new world that’s emerging as it builds a vast digital empire, challenging the Western preconception that with connectivity comes liberty. China is building the infrastructure to carry and capture the raw data that will power the future. The People’s Bank of China is likely to be the first central bank to release a digital currency, increasing dramatically its ability to track transactions and undermining American hegemony over the financial system.

Few commentators have seriously considered a future in which Chinese networks reign supreme. It stands on the cusp of a huge commercial and strategic windfall, reshaping global flows of data, finance, and communications to reflect its interests. As China wires the world, it is remaking the global order.