Smriti Ravindra

282 pages manuscript in English Literary Fiction

Represented by Stephanie Cabot

“Is this a ghost story?” Meena asked the barber’s wife who told the tale. “I don’t want to hear scary stories one night before I marry.”

“Not all ghost stories are scary,” said the barber’s wife, laughing at Meena. “Besides, we have a long time before us, and stories are little baskets to carry time away in.”


The Woman Who Climbed Trees follows the story of Meena, a young bride who must relocate to Nepal to live with her new husband’s family, leaving behind her family and home in India.

As she forges a new identity in a strange place, we accompany Meena and the other women who surround her, and experience the universal sense of inchoate loss of abandoning lives once lived and dreams held close.

Interwoven with myth and song, The Woman Who Climbed Trees is an incandescent, deeply felt novel which examines in exquisite prose the multi-generational story of women, and what it means to travel to another life.