Jeannie Zusy

Manuscript in English Original publisher: Atria

Represented by Stephanie Cabot

A novel steeped in compassion and black humor.

Every family has its fault lines, and when Maggie gets a call from the ER in Maryland where her older sister lives, the cracks start to appear: Ginny, her sugar-loving, diabetic, and developmentally disabled older sister has overdosed on strawberry Jell-O. Maggie realizes Ginny won’t survive without some help, and brings her to her town in upstate New York, much to the protest of their sister Betsy, a professional surfer who is always conveniently thousands of miles away in a crisis.

As Maggie delves into managing Ginny’s care, while also navigating her newfound singledom, struggling to keep her career afloat, and raising two young adult sons, the lines of responsibility begin to blur: Who is saving whom?