The Fall of Private Life

Tiffany Jenkins

Proposal in English History, Politics

On behalf of: Toby Mundy Associates

This book is animated by a simple but fundamental idea: that a private life is a precious, sustaining resource, of intrinsic value, that must be defended.

This vivid, timely, and highly original narrative history describes the long struggle to achieve private life in the West – and shows why we’re on the brink of throwing it all away.

Private life is in mortal danger, threatened by a three-headed monster: corporate and state surveillance; a confessional, ”tell-all” culture that makes people complicit in the invasion of their own privacy; and the intense politicisation of private life.

Tiffany Jenkins’s groundbreaking book traces the emergence of private sanctuaries to show that private life is a very recent – and hard-won – achievement. It also warns that if we’re not careful, it will be a temporary one.