The Emperor’s New Road

How China’s New Silk Road is Remaking the World


October 2020 Manuscript in English Current Affairs

This book, by America’s foremost authority on the subject, will be the first account for general readers of what China’s colossal ‘Belt and Road’ initiative means for the world.

On its present trajectory, China’s vast Belt and Road initiative (BRI) stands to become the project that defines the twenty-first century. China is committed to spending $1 trillion on new roads, railway lines, harbours and other infrastructure beyond its borders, a sum more than seven times the Marshall Plan for Europe’s post-war reconstruction.

BRI has now signed up more than seventy countries and stretches over land and sea, as far north as the Arctic, through cyberspace, and even into outer space. Yet although BRI is reshaping the world, re-making it in China’s image, it is still very poorly understood outside of east Asia. The Emperor’s New Road provides a corrective to this, and is for anyone — readers of books on history, current affairs or international relations; business people and investors — who want to understand this century’s defining shift: China’s rise and the dramatic expansion of its reach way beyond its borders.