The Chosen One: George W. Bush

The 12 Jobs of Hercules W. Bush

Frédéric Lenoir; illustrations by Alexis Chabert

December 2005 copies in French and manuscript in English Illustrated

-I choose you, you are my chosen one and you will change the world. -Lord, why me? -Because you are useless! And my glory before all nations will shine even brighter when I accomplish my deeds from nothing! -Still, you must be mistaken. -Remember, it is written that “my light will shine through darkness”… and also: “My strength grows out of weakness.” -But, Lord, there are lots of other useless politicians. -Yes, but you, George, are the most useless. So begin the charmingly absurd yet very astutely observed adventures of our “hero,” a President renowned for his faith, his high morals and god-loving values, but also for his many far less Christian actions, such as warmongering and economic manipulation. What are the tasks of George W. Bush (or ‘jobs’ as he so often calls them)? Besides getting elected, he will need God’s help to…. Survive September 11th… start a new crusade in Afghanistan… and then one in Irak… get re-elected… Each of the President’s twelve adventures is presented by Lenoir and Chabert with their entertaining mix of erudition – often using direct quotes from the Bible, or the Bush family – and of sharp-eyed wit. Half-Moses, half-Hercules, our hero presents a unique and familiar blend of traits – willful ignorance, charming innocence, curiosity and callousness – that make him an ideal comic book character. A first volume of “The Chosen One” covers the first five years of George W. Bush’s mandate. The second volume will end somewhere in the near future with a most surprising final challenge, one that sheds a whole new light over the President’s mission…