The Body Falls

Andrea Carter

312 pages April 2020 Copies in English Original publisher: Little, BrownCrime Fiction

“Her best yet…  Andrea conjures up a phenomenal sense of place.  She is such an assured, stylish writer and The Body Falls is remarkably gripping.” — Jo Spain 

When Ben O’Keefe returns to Glendara, Inishowen from a tropical stint with her old law firm in Florida, a relentless, torrential downpour strands participants in a local charity cycling race in the town overnight.

In the middle of the night Sergeant Tom Molloy is called out to Mamore Gap, where a body, dislodged from a high bank by the heavy rain, has been found. It is identified as Bob Jameson, a well-known local charities boss, and the organiser of the cycling event. Stunned, the GP confirms that the man has suffered a snakebite.

The terrible weather persists and Glendara is completely cut off, with a killer at the heart of the community. Who is responsible for Bob Jameson’s death – a stranger or someone closer to home? It’s left to Molloy, with Ben’s assistance, to find out what is going on.


“Tense, atmospheric – it grips the reader ever tighter as the mystery deepens.” — Brian McGilloway

“Starting a new Inishowen novel is like settling in for a gossip with a really good friend. Ben O’Keeffe is a totally engaging main character and her adventures are as convincing as they are gripping. The Body Falls is a hugely entertaining small-town mystery with a very satisfying resolution; I can’t wait to read the next in the series.” — Jane Casey