The Belladonna Maze

Sinéad Crowley

Original publisher: Head of ZeusMystery, Women's Fiction

Deirdre loved the Maze and her father loved to please her and so it stood, and flourished, and had become, over the years, her playground. Here too the belladonna had taken hold and a trail of black berries glistened at the entrance to the structure, as if to entice her in…”.

Shifting between past and present, The Belladona Maze is an inviting, transporting mystery that dives into Ireland’s troubled past, putting the reader under a dark spell.

Set in a grand country estate in the West of Ireland, The Belladonna Maze follows three generations of women who came to occupy – and love – the house. But the estate has a dark history, reaching back to the most desperate years of the Irish Famine and Ireland’s tangled history with England.

As each generation of women comes of age, they must face up to the terrible legacy they have inherited – and confront the ghosts of the past…

Through twists and turns, The Belladonna Maze leads you into the heart of a dark secret. Powerfully atmospheric and deeply rooted in the Irish landscape, it’s a truly satisfying and sweeping read in the vein of Victoria Hislop’s The Island and Rachel Hore’s A Gathering Storm.