The Anticancer Handbook

Pascaline Servan-Schreiber

pages October 2015 manuscript in English Personal Development

Cancer is a scary word, fraught with misunderstandings, fear and feelings of powerlessness. When people think about cancer, they think of doctors, radiation, chemotherapy and a hyper-medicalized environment that provokes dread and confusion. Many have turned to the bestselling Anticancer: A New Way of Life for its comprehensive approach to preventing cancer through lifestyle, but readers also want something short, with concrete suggestions and actionable items.

The Anticancer Handbook is the answer. Part guidebook, part workbook, The Anticancer Handbook provides us with the tools to make informed choices that will minimize our risk of developing cancer and increase our chances to overcome the disease. This is a daily companion on the road to being and staying healthy. With dos and don’ts, checklists, graphics, quizzes, practical advice… The Anticancer Handbook will be an invaluable resource.