The Age of Imitation

How the West Won the Cold War But Lost the Peace

Ivan Krastev, Stephen Holmes

September 2019 Original publisher: Penguin Press UK (World English)Current Affairs

On behalf of: Toby Mundy Associates

Ivan Krastev is one of the most influential, elegant and original writers on foreign affairs anywhere in the world. Born in Bulgaria, based now in Vienna, fluent in English and Russian, with deep connections all over the world, he has been described by Timothy Synder as “one of the great European minds of today”; by Robert Kagan as “one of the most interesting thinkers of our time”; and by Gideon Rachman in the Financial Times as “one of Europe’s most interesting public intellectuals.”

The book, written with distinguished American scholar Stephen Holmes, answers one of the most urgent questions of our times: How, after the triumph of 1989, did the American-made world unravel?