You Had Me at “No Thank You!”

La théorie de la veste

How to Get Over Your Fear of Rejection and Win Your Way to Success

Annabelle Roberts

220 pages January 2020 Copies in French Original publisher: FlammarionPersonal Development

A counter-intuitive method for turning failure into a weapon.

In You Had Me at “No Thank You!”, Annabelle Roberts introduces a life-changing strategy to regain confidence in yourself and succeed both professionally and personally.

“I spend my days helping people feel more confident at
work, and I’m always shocked to see how many people
have gotten these fixed ideas into their heads about
what they can and can’t accomplish. They could do so
much more, but they don’t know it—they have no idea
of their potential. Because these people lack confidence,
they create their own limitations. And I used to be just
like them!”