Red Traitor

Owen Matthews

July 2021 Original publisher: DoubledayThriller

The highly anticipated follow up to Black Sun. Alexander Vasin returns in the stunning new thriller from Owen Matthews, set against the background of the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Alexander Vasin is a Moscow homicide detective seconded to the KGB. With his reputation as a spy-catcher preceding him, he has been directed to find a high-ranking US mole within the Kremlin. His suspect, Colonel Oleg Morozov, is surveilled around the clock, but
won’t — or can’t — reveal a double life.

As Vasin learns to his cost, Morozov has redoubtable friends. As he pressure on Vasin to expose Morozov becomes unbearable, he finds himself in the middle of a vicious knife fight between powerful Kremlin factions. One group is alarmed by the decision to send Soviet
atomic weapons to Cuba. The other believes that a pre-emptive nuclear attack on the United States wouldn’t be the end of the world…

Owen Matthews’ thriller is based on terrifying, little known real events. It confirms Matthews’ as a major new talent.


“Matthews generates remarkable tension in this perfectly executed two-pronged thriller” — Booklist, starred review