Radical Happiness

Moments of Collective Joy

Lynne Segal

352 pages November 2017 Original publisher: VersoNon Fiction

In an era of increasing individualism, we have never been more isolated. While research and technology find new ways to measure contentment and popular culture encourages us to think of happiness as a human right, misery is abundant.

Lynne Segal believes we have lost the art of ‘radical happiness’ – the liberation that comes with collective joy. She argues that instead of obsessing over ourselves, we should seek fulfillment in the lives of others. By examining the relationship between love and sex, and the scope for utopian thinking as a means to a better future, Segal shows how the gaps in care due to the shrinking role of the state must be replaced by looking after one another.

In this brilliant and provocative book, Segal proposes that the power of true happiness can only be discovered collectively.


“A calm, refreshing breath of fresh air in a dangerously uncertain moment in human history.” – Kirkus Review