Anthony Stone

380 pages Manuscript in English Thriller

BBC’s Bodyguard meets Lee Child’s Jack Reacher in this first thriller in a planned series.

Nemesis stars Mickey Bale, a close protection officer at the Met, who is tasked with guarding the Defence Minister, just as Chinese-British relations hit boiling point. In a dangerous political climate, Mickey must keep his principal safe, whilst navigating the complex and often precarious realm of close protection work. Meanwhile, Mickey has other pressing – and deadly – matters at hand…

Mickey’s sister, Katie, was recently killed by a lethal ecstasy pill sold to her by a local dealer. Devastated, Mickey vows to exact revenge. But he won’t just stop at taking out the street dealer. He plans to work his way up the chain of command of a ruthless crime gang, until he makes his way to the very top – a vicious psychopath named Joe Castagna. Mickey has the means, the know-how and the drive to destroy a terrifying organisation single-handed. But will he get away with it – or will his colleagues in the police figure out that the man on a deadly killing spree is actually one of their own?

Tense and gripping with strong narrative drive and plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader riveted, Anthony Stone captures just the right voice, replete with colourful details, authentic vernacular and crackling dialogue.