Nature’s Pharmacy

How To Avoid the Prescription Addiction

Kevin Leivers


On behalf of: New River

A former Big Pharma scientist shows why we all need to reduce our reliance on drugs and synthetic vitamins, and embrace the brave new world of natural plant-powered medicines.

Did you know that you can take a natural medicine derived from bergamot, which is scientifically proven to be as effective as statins at reducing your cholesterol? Or that there is a concentrated form of beetroot and black garlic which can lower your blood pressure as well as many commonly prescribed drugs for the condition?

As Kevin Leivers explains, modern science has evolved hugely over the last 40 years, allowing pharmacists to formulate supplements and natural health solutions that are as effective as, and often safer than, many conventional medicines.

Spoiler alert: Kevin is not against conventional medicines. His philosophy is to ask the question – can natural remedies and supplements do a better job at making people better without draining public funds or damaging the environment? And, as he demonstrates, in the vast majority of cases, they can.

In this groundbreaking book, he presents a top-to-toe list of natural health solutions – all proven by science – for everything from brain and neurological conditions, including dementia, depression and Parkinsons’, through heart, lung, digestive and metabolic disease, to muscular and skeletal conditions, including inflammation, arthritis and bone loss.

Along the way, he explains:

  • How conventional drugs are researched and licensed for human medicine
  • The techniques used by researchers to ‘optimise’ the clinical  responses of prospective drugs
  • Why common side effects of drugs are often missed and under reported

Research shows that many of us are interested in natural health solutions, but are overwhelmed by the conflicting information put out in the media. This book will empower everyone with unbiased, honest, and show once and for all how to assess the safety and effectiveness of any drug, botanical or vitamin.

The future of good health is here.