Kutchinsky’s Egg

A Memoir of Fathers, Daughters and Jewels

Serena Kutchinsky

Proposal available Memoir

On behalf of: Toby Mundy Associates

A memoir of obsession, triumph and failure. But above all, it is about love.

As a child, Serena Kutchinsky watched as her father, Paul Kutchinsky, one of the world’s most brilliant jewellers, set out to make world’s largest jewelled egg – one that would rival Fabergé’s. It would require 15kg of pure gold and 25,000 diamonds to make. Kutchinsky succeeded, but at a ruinous price, which cost him his business, his health, his family and his life.

Now considered to be the most valuable single artwork created in postwar Britain, Kutchinsky’s Egg has been forgotten, lost from view in a private collection.

Serena Kutchinsky tracks down her late father’s masterwork, and in doing so journeys back into her own past, describing how her family arrived in Britain as refugees with gemstones sewn into their clothes; the ancient skills required to weave gold and work with precious stones; and the destruction wrought by her father’s obsession. Finally, she comes face-to-face with the object that destroyed her family and her father.