Freemasons: An Investigation

Frédéric Lenoir and Marie-France Etchegoin

November 2009 manuscript in French Current Affairs

“The only really serious and enthralling book on the subject” — Le Figaro

Over 60,000 copies sold in France

The opaque and secretive world of Freemasonry continues to fascinate — a clandestine topic with much esoteric lore and historical intrigue.

Frédéric Lenoir and Marie-France Etchegoin have joined forces to undertake a thorough and engaging investigation into the myths and legends, people and places of Freemasonry. 

From the origins of Freemasonry in the Temple of Jerusalem to the mystery that continues to shroud Masonic lodges and rites today, Lenoir and Etchegoin bring their expertise to bear on topics such as: the links between Masons and the Templars, the Rosicrucians and other secret societies (especially the Eastern Cross); the emergence and effects of a fierce anti-Masonic sentiment and subsequent persecutions; the Founding Fathers, other powerful Masons, and their influence on world history; struggles with the church; and significant sources of inspiration and symbolism. Lenoir and Etchegoin’s exploration into this “ancient wisdom” provides an informative, intelligent and entertaining assessment of what is fact and what is fiction concerning the Freemasons.

Frédéric Lenoir is not only one of the world’s leading experts on religion, but he and Marie- France Etchegoin have a gift for sharing research and knowledge in clear and enjoyable prose – a combination that has made this book a best-seller in France.